Does Sugar hurt?

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Does Sugar hurt? 1Pilups asked 11 months ago

How badly does Sugar hurt?

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Does Sugar hurt? 2Adeptniyi Staff answered 11 months ago

Sugar is increasingly in the eye of the cyclone after the discovery that the sugar industry paid scientists to deny the existence of a correlation between excess sugar intake and cardiovascular disease.

Let’s get some clarity by analyzing in detail the reasons that prompt the WHO to recommend limiting the intake of what they call “free sugars” to the maximum 10% of calories taken.

What the WHO report says

According to the WHO, there is scientific evidence on the damage that excess sugar causes to the body in relation to only two problems:

•overweight and obesity
•dental caries

Regarding other diseases and their correlation with sugar consumption, such as cardiovascular disease, the WHO admits that nothing can be said for sure, but stresses that obesity and overweight are also factors in the and therefore excess sugar is itself a risk factor, albeit an indirect one.

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