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Is there EFCC Office in Akure?

QuestionsCategory: InformationIs there EFCC Office in Akure?
Praise asked 1 week ago

I need to know if there is any EFCC office in Akure, or any part of Ondo State. Thanks

1 Answers
Wellborn Staff answered 1 week ago

EFCC office is not in Akure at the moment, There are two EFCC office serving the western part of Nigeria at the moment and that is the EFCC Lagos Office which is at No. 15A, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos and the EFCC Ibadan office which is located at 16 A, Reverend Oyebode Crescent, Iyaganku,  Ibadan Oyo State  Nigeria.
Also See EFCC Port Harcourt Office Address.

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