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Are made in Nigeria slippers any good?

QuestionsAre made in Nigeria slippers any good?
adeptniyi Staff asked 2 weeks ago

Can made in Nigeria slippers last as much ad so called imported ones from China, where can one buy these slippers and what does their prices look like? Thanks

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Wellborn Staff answered 1 week ago

Aba is the largest shoe manufacturing hub in Africa, that makes around 40,000 pairs of shoes per week, The shoe plaza is located in Abia State, Nigeria.

The shoe manufacturing in Aba has grown to a very massive commercial hub though still largely underrated, It is the center of indigenous production, manufacturing, and craftsmanship in the country.

A large percentage of made in Nigeria slippers are made from this Aba shoe market and also by some companies in Lagos.

The quality of Slippers you get largely depends on how much you are willing to part with for your slippers. There are slippers for 500 naira and there are slippers for 15,000 naira.

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