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Has Nigeria ever won the world cup?

QuestionsHas Nigeria ever won the world cup?
adeptniyi Staff asked 2 weeks ago

Hello pls, I got it an arguement with a colleague about Nigeria winning the world cup. I am from France so I may not know much about Nigeria, but Nigerians, do justice to this. Has Nigeria ever won the world cup? If yes? What year? Thanks

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Wellborn Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hello Dexter, great question! When it comes to football, Nigeria is on of the best in Africa.

But coming to world cup. Nigeria has graced the world cup tournament for close to 6 times, the 2018 appearance in Russia made it the 6th time Nigeria will appear in the FIFA world cup tournament.

So to answer your question, Nigeria has never collect or carried the FIFA world cup for once.

But we hope to do it some day.

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