How can i put password on an iPhone album?

QuestionsHow can i put password on an iPhone album?
Adeptniyi Staff asked 1 year ago

I want to secure an album on my iPhone without necessary hard securing my phone, how do I put a password on only the album?

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Adeptniyi Staff answered 1 year ago

If you want to create an album and block it, you should know that you have to download different tools that are capable of protecting your photos such as Dropbox or even the same iCloud app.
However, if you do not want to access an app but want to have your photos at hand but locked, then what I recommend is that you simply go to the block of notes and from there proceed to save your photos in a file that you can protect individually, you achieve this as follows:

  • Enter the “Gallery” of your iPhone device.
  • Then you have to access an image of the album you want to protect.
  • As you will see when it opens, you have to press the “Share” icon shown below on the left.
  • When the options menu appears, you must choose the “Add to notes” alternative.
  • Then you will be taken to this tool and you will be presented with the alternative that you put a name, you set it and press up on the right where it says “Save. 
  • Then access the album you created in your block of notes so that later you click on the lower central option that has the “+” icon.
  • Now you must add the rest of the images you want to protect.
  • Once you are all inside the album, you must click on the upper right corner of the “Share” button and when the panel appears at the bottom you must click on “Lock note” .
  • Before this you will be asked for your password confirmation, just put it in and that’s it.

You should know that sometimes this button will not appear, in these cases what you should do is simply go to “Settings ”, then go down and enter the “Notes” tab , once there proceed to access the alternative of “Password ” And activate it, in this way you can already put an encryption to your album.

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