Is Spectranet unlimited really unlimited?

QuestionsIs Spectranet unlimited really unlimited?
Adeptniyi Staff asked 1 year ago

I have heard that spectranet offer uncapped/unlimited data browsing, is it really unlimited?

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Adeptniyi Staff answered 1 year ago

Is Spectranet unlimited really unlimited?-The India broadband cable service was established in Nigeria in the year 2000, covering 4 major states in Nigeria namely Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt.

They kept on rolling out user-friendly data plans and one of it being the Unlimited Data plan, a monthly plan  that allows users and subscribers to surf the stream or download videos and music unlimited (With no data cap)

Spectranet has Unlimited Data Plans which costs 18,000 Naira. it is named the Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan which is available night and day for users and accessible all round the clock for a validity period of 30 days.

But Hey! Here comes the main issue, which brings up the question of if the plan is truly unlimited. While the company claims it is unlimited, it is necessary for you to note that the download speed of your Spectranet broadband is throttled down to 8 Mbps after your exhausted your first 100GB.

This might not be so bad an idea, but on the 4G network, 8Mbps is not really a lot, 4G LTE speed is expected at around 30Mbps and above so throttling customers connection in a way is limiting what they can do indirectly and that can be really frustrating.

The Spectranet night browsing from Spectranet is a very interesting catch, however, the plan is not for everybody, it is only for those who are ready to stay up at night…

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