Does spectranet work in Ibadan?

QuestionsDoes spectranet work in Ibadan?
Wellborn Staff asked 4 months ago

I often visit Ibadan and sometimes spend my weekends in the city, I enjoyed using Spectranet well in Lagos, does spectranet also work well in Ibadan? If yes what are the coverage area?

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Wellborn Staff answered 4 months ago

Does Spectranet work in Ibadan?– Yes! Spectranet has extended her service to the city of Ibadan since 2016. In July 2016, the company as part of her Internet penetration strategy in the country extends her 4G LTE service to Ibadan dwellers and users. The relaunch of the product in the city was held at Kankanfo inn, Ibadan.

The CEO of SPectranet LTD David Venn disclosed affirms in his speech:

‘‘Today marks another milestone in our service delivery, as we reinstate our commitment to Ibadan customers through our reliable and affordable internet service for a seamless browsing experience. At Spectranet, we don’t just expand for the sake of expansion, but with the sole purpose of delighting our customers with unique internet experiences that is second-to- none”.

You can read more as published on Techcabal.

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