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Does Spectranet work in Port Harcourt?

QuestionsDoes Spectranet work in Port Harcourt?
adeptniyi Staff asked 2 weeks ago

Hi friends, I need to know if our dear spectranet works in the city of Port Harcourt. If you have used it please how is the net work? I am considering getting an alternative network. Thanks

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Wellborn Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Yes! Spectranet is superfast in Port Harcourt.

Spectranet today is one of the best Internet service providers in Nigeria. The company offers a somewhat reliable broadband cable services to businesses, individuals and residents. The company is perceived to hale from India.

The company sometimes in the past made a relaunch of their service in the city of Port Harcourt, so making 4G LTE network available in the city.

It is also noteworthy to say that Spectranet is very fast in Port Harcourt and business owners, residents, and individuals have since trust the service as the best available and affordable internet service.

The spectranet CEO Ven said:

Port Harcourt, like other cities (Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan) where we have our services is very dear to us. At Spectranet, we don’t just expand for the sake of expansion, but with the sole purpose of delighting our customers with unique experiences.

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