What time is spectranet free night browsing?

QuestionsCategory: DataWhat time is spectranet free night browsing?
Adeniyi Badmus Staff asked 7 months ago

From what time to what time is the new free spectranet night browsing plan, and what are the activation codes and plans available?


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Adeniyi Badmus Staff answered 7 months ago

Spectranet, as stated on their data page, indicated that the free unlimited Night browsing is available for customers who subscribed to any of the below data plans:

Unified Value


4GB anytime data Pus 4GB Night Bonus

Unified Value


5GB anytime data Plus 5GB Night Bonus

Unified Value


7GB anytime data Plus 7GB Night Bonus

Unified Value


12GB anytime data plus 12GB Night Bonus

Unified Value


15GB anytime data Plus 15GB Night Bonus

Once Subscribers activate any of the above data plan The unified value is divided in to two, they are able to use the anytime whixh is half and the other half usable for free unlimited night browsing between 1am – 7am. All of the Nite Plans listed above have 24 hours access on weekend and Public Holidays.

Spectranet Does not allow data rollover on any of the above plans.