What time does spectranet free night start?

QuestionsWhat time does spectranet free night start?
Adeptniyi Staff asked 1 year ago

when does Spectranet free night browsing start?

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Adeptniyi Staff answered 1 year ago

Following the announcement of Unified data tariff plans in 2016 from Spectranet 4G LT in Nigeria, the company has since begun to give 50% of data for everyone to extend internet service to everyone.

Unified Value


4GB anytime data Pus 4GB Night Bonus

Unified Value


5GB anytime data Plus 5GB Night Bonus

Unified Value


7GB anytime data Plus 7GB Night Bonus

Unified Value


12GB anytime data plus 12GB Night Bonus

Unified Value


15GB anytime data Plus 15GB Night Bonus

This new development comes with an additional 50% on every unified data tariff plans.

Users can be able to use this half bonus to surf the web at Night unlimited. The Spectranet free night browsing starts from 1am to 7am for all Spectranet subscribers across the country who are willing to stay up to surf the web.

This was confirmed by the Company’s Head of Marketing who disclosed that:

“the unified and revised plans simply means all Spectranet subscribers across the country can now enjoy the same data plan as against the previous tariff where what went for Lagos was not applicable to Port-Harcourt and other cities”.

“Spectranet is a customer-oriented brand and that is why they connect customers to what matters to them. For us, the decision to have a unified tariff is expedient. The unified tariff is another way of telling our subscribers that they matter to us. With Spectra net’s unified tariff the same data plan you buy in Lagos is what you will get across all the states of the country where we have Spectranet services”.

“We understand the needs of our customers and subscribers and have kept improving our services to offer the best internet solutions in the country”.

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