What is Mikel Obi Salary in Naira?

QuestionsCategory: InformationWhat is Mikel Obi Salary in Naira?
Taiwo asked 4 months ago

What is Mikel Obi Salary in Naira?

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Wellborn Staff answered 4 months ago

Ok, I guess you are asking for What is Mikel Salary in China converted to Naira and Dollar. According to Google which is one of the most reliable sources, Mikel Obi’s current salary in 2017 is 7.28 million GBP.

mikel obi salary in pounds

But a lot has not changed since then even though is 2019. If you look above you will see that Google is showing Mikel’s Salary UK pounds, but now in 2019 that Mikel is playing in China, let’s find out what his actual salary is in Naira and USD.

Mike; is the richest player in Nigeria now looking at his weekly, monthly and annual salary in the Chinese football league. Mikel Obi finished is playtime at Chelsea at the closing of 2016 after he was overtaken and replaced with Matic.

He got a new contract at the early part of 2017 with the Chinese Tianjin TEDA FC team and because of the huge paycheck, Mikel was ready to switch team. Mikel taking on the offer is one of the most controversial issues that a lot of football fans in Nigeria and Africa still argues.

Mikel disclosed that he made the call to take the offer at a dead minute and he is now an active part of the Tianjin TEDA FC team. This type of move is not peculiar to John Mikel alone, there are some other notable players such as Carlos Tevez who decided to move to Asia to further their football career.

Several online sources disclose that John Mikel Obi is currently earning a salary of £140.000 per week, and the his contract span a perieod of three years.

That pay is tiwce the amount he earns at Chelsea which is £75.000. His new contract not just made im the richest football player in Nigeria but also put him in the second place on the list of highest earning African football players in history.

John Mikel Obi was offered an annual wage of 9 million euro amounting to 3.4 billion Naira, meaning the first three years of his contract will earn him 27 million euro amounting to 10.2 Billion Naira.

Much more, his weekly salary of £140,000 means he will be paid N6500 Naira per minute he spends under the new contract with Tianjin TEDA FC, N283 million naira monthly and N71 million naira weekly.

I think it is a good decision he moved because he not any younger and already at the peak of his career, the offer seems to be a very enriching one for him, much more he has lesser work time here with the Chinese, more recovery time and freedom compared to what is obtainable in the British Premier League.

Wellborn Staff answered 4 months ago

Mikel Obi Net Worth in 2019 is $100 Million.

Looking at the above figures of his current earnings and weekly salary structure at TEDA FC in China, Mikel estimated net worth is around $100 Million.

We are currently reviewing Mikel obi Net Worth for 2020, so be on the look out.

Wellborn Staff answered 4 months ago

Mikel Obi Investment

One of the biggest knows Mikel Obi’s investment are his houses. A general overview of his investment portfolio is below:
Investment in Real Estate Market with four international standard mansions in Nigeria in places like Lekki, Jos, and Abuja. He also tow outside the country in China and Surrey. He acquired the Chinese mansion so he could shelter during his contract with Tianjin TEDA.

Wellborn Staff answered 2 days ago

Mikel Obi Mansion

Mikel Obi has several mansions in Nigeria and abroad. He has houses in Abuja, Lagos, Jos and Lekki.
There is no one who appreciates good things but had the least opportunity to acquire it would not want to live in Lekki. Lekki is situated on Lagos State territory and is almost entirely water-surfacing and one of the costliest places to live in Lagos. Check out our post on best areas to live in Lagos: https://www.nairanaira.com/best-areas-to-live-in-lagos-nigeria)
When Mikel comes to Nigeria, he can always enjoy a good view and be aware of the country’s political lives from his residence in the center of the city of Abuja.

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