Who is the richest man in Imo State?

Who is the richest man in Imo State?Category: EntertainmentWho is the richest man in Imo State?
Jack asked 1 month ago

Who is the richest man in State today?

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Wellborn Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Who is the richest man in Imo State? – if you need to come up with a list of the top states in Nigeria, it is hard to do so without mentioning Imo States. To answer your question of who the richest man in Imo State is.

First to start with Imo State is one of the states in Nigeria that significantly contributes year by year to the nation’s economy up to $14.24 billion, much more it is rich in natural resources.

Number one person on the list of the richest man in Imo state Nigeria is Pascal Dozie. Pascal is a business tycoon and Investor from Imo State in Nigeria. Under his belt is the African Development Consulting Group and Diamond Bank Plc, and Kunoch limited. He is proclaimed according to legit.ng base on his asset evaluation and estimated net worth as the Current richest man in Imo state.

Tony Ezenna is another on our list, he is one of the richest men in Imo state Nigeria. He hails from Akokwa, in Imo State. Under his belt is Orange Drugs, a firm that deals in the manufacturing of cosmetic products like soap and others. Some of their popular products are Delta Soup, Devon Soap, Boska, etc.

Finally is Leo Stan Ekeh. Stan if you don’t know is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zinox Technologies Ltd. and Buyright Africa Dotcom Limited.

Zinox Group acquires Konga– an eCommerce company that is evaluated at $34 million with close to 200,000 active users. After a month-long negotiation with major investors, Naspers and AB Kinnevik.

Zinox group under the leadership of chairman Leo Stan Ekeh acquired the multi-million dollar eCommerce startup in 2018.

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