Who owns TT Dalk?

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Wellborn Staff asked 4 months ago

I love type of shoes that this company makes, I first saw their products in Ghana, I was kind of wondering what Ghanian company makes these type of Shoes in Ghana, so I was told it was owned by a Nigerian and the company is also located in Nigeria? 
I will like to have more information about the company, does anyone have some clue?

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Wellborn Staff answered 4 months ago

The owner of . Dalk is Temilade Tolulope Osinfade. He is the founder and director of the comfy shoe manufacturing in Nigeria branded .DALK, an outstanding Idea he conceived in the University at 300 level in Babcock University, Ogun State, Nigeria.

According to him in an interview published on Vanguard, He disclosed that he has a flair for selling things, so he decided to tap into in his innate abilities when while he was in school, He used to have a friend that sells and makes these types of shoes.

He has managed to grow the brand to an outstanding fashion brand that is well-received all over the nation, Africa and in the Diaspora.

TT Dalk is an exclusive footwear brand started in Nigeria by a Nigerian, they make exclusive and quality footwear accessories and other leather products like bags and watches for today’s men and women who want to keep in trend with quality fashion effects.

Tolulope saw a need to redefine the Nigeria footwear industry and he never hesitates to give it a shot. The footwear industry in Nigerian is known for simple, stylish, trendy and classy slippers and shoes, iPad and iPhone cases, belts for people can’t get tired of smartness and simplicity in fashion.


The owner of . Dalk is Temilade Tolulope Osinfade
He studied Public Health at Babcock University, Ogun State, Nigeria.
He is the CEO and founder of . Dalk a company he reportedly founded in 2003 while was in 300LVL

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