Is there a Zoo in Port Harcourt?

QuestionsIs there a Zoo in Port Harcourt?
Adeptniyi Staff asked 1 year ago

Hello friends, I need to know if there is q zoo in Port Harcourt, who has been there and what is the experience like? I will like to visit with the kids if it’s really worth.


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Adeptniyi Staff answered 1 year ago

Of course yes! There is a Zoo in Port Harcourt that is managed and owned by the State Government, The zoo is located at Okujumu Ama Road, Port Harcourt 500101, Nigeria. The line to reach the Zoo management is +234 816 899 0035.

According to users review on Tripadvisor:

Stephanielvisz from Port Harcourt, Nigeria says “I regret the visit, it’s situated in a noisy market, very dirty and so empty. there are a very few”

Happiness Goodhead from Port Harcourt, Nigeria says Just there. Just my own point of view guys but I seriously believe it could be better. Poor maintenance culture, cleanliness, friendliness of staffs… Just my View & Could be better.”

“Viveeee from Port Harcourt, Nigeria says VERY POOR. The location is bad, the zoo is unkempt, the Animal is few and also unhealthy looking. Not a very pleasant place to visit. However, the ticket and packing is cheap.”

Jeffreyokon from Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria says “A few animals. The place is in need of some major overall. On the good side the staff guide who led us is very knowledgeable of the place and the animals.”

Ikayjohn from Port Harcourt, Nigeria Says “Very few animals. Most of the animals are gone. Place is no longer the fun place it used to be when we were kids and it had lions and tigers.”

Kenosky from Port Harcourt, Nigeria Reviewed in July 19, 2017 that he is “Not sure this should be called a Zoo It would be interesting to see anyone refer to this place as a zoo. It’s got some deer, ostriches and some monkeys. The Lions haven’t grown much in the couple of years since we were last here. The zoo definitely has lost most “

Darian O from Cardiff, United Kingdom Reviewed in June 21, 2017 that it is a “Pretty sad zoo. Not a very engaging or well kept zoo. Some interesting animals, but not in india circumstances. Particularly the chimpanzee.”

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