Shoprite Nigeria Method on How to Cook Afang Soup

In this guide, you will learn how to cook Afang Soup using the Shoprite Nigeria Method. 

Shoprite Nigeria Method on How to Cook Afang Soup

Shoprite Nigeria via their website has given a simple yet rich method on how to cook Afang soup at home or for commercial. In five simple and straightforward steps, your Afang Soup is ready.

Facts about Afang Soup

  1. It is one of Nigeria’s favorite soup and delicacies
  2. It is mostly eaten by the Efiks in Cross River State
  3. The soup has become a good delicacy for other Nigerians who are not from the part of the nation
  4. Afang is many times confused with the Okazi Soup from Imo people
  5. The difference between Okazi and Afang soup is the leaves in preparing them, Afang is prepared with Afang leaves and Okazi is prepared with Okazi leaves
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2 bunches of Waterleaf (chopped)
2 cups of Ukazi Leaves (blended)
1 kg Goat meat
300 g Pomo
1/4 cup palm oil
1/4 Periwinkle
2 seasoning cubes
1 stock fish head
1 tbsp. salt
1 tbsp. Cayenne Pepper
4 tbsp. Crayfish

Pre-cooking Steps

  1. Wash the leaves properly
  2. Wash the stockfish and pomo properly
  3. Wash the crayfish and periwinkle with warm water
  4. Grind/cut/pound the leaves

How to Prepare

  1. First season the goat meat with salt, seasoning cube and Cayenne Pepper
  2. Next, Cook the goat meat with the already washed pomo and stockfish till tender
  3. Once the meat is done and has absorbed most of the stock, add palm oil, crayfish and periwinkle then give like 3 minutes to cook.
  4. Next, is to add in the waterleaf and leave for another 5 minutes to wilt
  5. Add the Ukazi leaves and leave to cook for the next 3 minutes.

Some Health Benefits of Eating Afang Soup

  1. Afang can reduce the conversion of sugar for diabetes
  2. It serves as an immune booster against diseases
  3. The iodine element can help to prevent goiter
  4. High in dietary fiber which helps to reduce constipation and help in weight loss process
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Your Afang soup is ready!
This guide on Shoprite Nigeria Method on How to Cook Afang Soup is sourced from Shoprite Nigeria’s website.

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