Spectranet Car-Fi device Launch, price & product spec

Spectranet Launches New Car Mi-Fi called Car-Fi in Lagos

Spectranet Car-Fi
Picture of the Spectranet Car-Fi device

Spectranet Car-Fi is a brand new product from Spectranet for premium Internet customers that was recently introduced this week.

Spectranet 4 G LTE is one of the leading internet service providers in Nigeria, and the company has a new innovative product designed to look like a Car-MiFi, the device named Car-Fi will provide broadband and Internet services on the go for users.

⠀The Spectranet Car-Fi is nothing you have ever seen before across the globe, it is a commendable innovative product from Spectranet, as you can see in the product’s images, Spectranet Car-Fi is a wireless 4 G integrated thumb-sized router, that draws its power source from the car lighter plug utility.

Ince the Car-Fi is powered on it will immediately deliver Wi-Fi signal that can allow connections to the internet for up to 10 devices including, mobiles, PC, and other devices that are Wi-Fi enabled.

Although Car-Fi has it’s energy source coming directly from the car’s battery, but it’s a very low energy device that does not impair the energy circulation and distribution in your car in any way.

It is a brilliant in-car internet solution that can enable you to make internet access available to car owners and commuters on the move.

Spectranet Car-Fi device comes packed with a micro USB input interface and an extra standard USB charging outlet that provides 5V/2.1A output to other devices.

spectranet car mi-fi
CEO of Spectranet Mr. Ajay Awasthi holding the device

The CEO of Spectranet Mr. Ajay Awasthi while speaking on the launch of the device disclosed that

“The launch of Car-Fi is going to further endear the brand Spectranet to its customers and strengthen its position as a leading and innovative internet service provider.”

He further said,

“Spectranet Car-Fi is a premium lifestyle product and addresses the need of the people who are always on the move. The product is borne of insight that due to heavy traffic most people within the city spend good productive hours on the road. As a consumer-centric brand which believes in delivering “more” to its customers, we decided to introduce this innovative product, enabling our customers to work from the comfort of their vehicle while on the go.”

Aside from work,

“the Spectranet Car-Fi is also a device for multiple co-travelers in a vehicle, like in a staff bus, who can stay connected and use the travel time in a productive manner. ”

The atmosphere of the product launch was interesting and exciting and Influencers and members of the IT media network were gathered together at the event which ended with an overview of the quality of the product for the public,  there was a special test drive in a car with the Car-Fi device in use within Lagos metro.

Spectranet with this innovative product thinks users will have the facility to work from the comfort of their drives.

Spectranet Car-Fi is a great product coming into the Nigerian business frontal and its introduction through an inventive brand like Spectranet 4 G LTE gives immense credibility to Spectranet 4 G LTE’s performance and reputation over the years.

Spectranet Car-Fi Price

We are still expecting the company to give updates on the market price of the product and when it will be available across outlets in Nigeria.

Spectranet Limited has managed to stay relevant as a top and first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nigeria to launch 4G LTE service in the country.

The company is known for providing Nigerian homes and offices with an inexpensive, convenient and reliable Internet broadband.

It currently offers Internet service in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and Port Harcourt. The state of the art 4 G LTE network provides consumers with high-speed internet access.

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