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Susan Pwajok Bio, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Movies, Social media & Phone numbers

Susan Pwajok
Susan Pwajok

Susan Laraba Pwajok is her full name, a budding Nigerian actress and model known for her role as Blessing in the Africa Magic television series “The Johnsons” alongside Samuel Ajibola. She is also popular for brilliant role Desperate Housewives Africa in 2015.

Susan Laraba Pwajok who is known to always get what she wants in the TV series.

She’s been acting since the tender age of 3, walked away from acting for 6 years before coming back on stage.

Susan is active on Social media and her profiles are:

Instagram @susanpwajok
Twitter @pwajok_susan

Aside from acting in the Johnson’s she has also starred in other TV series and movies such as;

Stopping Kloe, Keeping Lucy, Desperate Housewives Africa, Night Raid, Whirlwheel and others.

Susan Pwakjok Real age

Susan Pwajok age cannot be confirmed at this time, but as reports have it, Suan Pwajok birthday usually falls on 15th January of every year, going by a close guess the young Nigerian actress is between her late teen and early Twenties. Based on our suggestion the actress is between age 16 to 21.

Susan has a Nigerian descent. Susan Pwajok family members are likely to be of Nigerian descent too, we have been making attempts to contact the actress and get some more information as she may like to let, once we do we will give you more information on her siblings, (brothers, and sisters, ) parents and other family members as allowed.

Susan Pwajok Social Media

Susan Pwajok Instagram page is  @susanpwajok

Susan Pwajok Twitter page is @pwajok_susan

Susan Pwajok parents

At the time of writing this review we can’t confirm the names of Susan Pwajok parents, but keep a tab on this page we shall surely update it as soon as we come across the right data.

Susan Pwajok Phone Number

We believe Susan Pwajok Phone number is not far fetched even though it is not necessarily online, actresses and actors may not find it so convenient putting their phone numbers online in public domain, due to concerns on matters of their security and most importantly so they can have their secret and private lives less interrupted.

However, if you are a true fan of Susan Pwajok and have something useful in suggestions for her, so you need to have her phone number, then we have a clue for you, we suggest you visit her fans or social media pages and send her a DM letting your intentions and inquiries known to her, If she deems it fit and worthwhile to respond to your concerns we are certain she will do just that.

Susan Pwajok school

Susan Pwajok we believe is going through some educational attainment at the moment, but we are not close to giving you more information on Which secondary school or university she is attending.

Susan Pwajok state of origin

Let’s just let you know that when it comes to facts on Susan Pwajok, things are little bit kept under the hood by the actress, and we respect that because we know she will have her personal reasons, but going by her name it will not be so wrong to conclude that Susan Pwajok is from Southern or Eastern part of Nigeria.

Susan Pwajok boyfriend

At the time of writing this account, we can’t get a hold of any relationship and dating facts about Susan Pwajok.

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Susan Pwajok movies

“The Johnsons”, Desperate Housewives Africa in 2015.

Susan Pwajok Net worth

Susan Pwajok Net worth is estimated to be around $4000 to $50,000

Susan Pwajok photos

Susan Pwajok photos
Susan Pwajok Snapchat


Where does Susan Pwajok Currently reside?


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