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Top Mobile Apps to combat Bullying

Top Mobile Apps to combat Bullying

Four apps to fight against bullying– Fighting bullying is is a task for all. Bullying, or its modality of the 21st century, cyberbullying , is increasingly common in the classrooms and the reports of minors for physical or verbal aggressions in the school environment of other classmates do not stop increasing.

To end this scourge new technologies offer us a series of Apps that can make it easier to report these behaviors. Report anonymously, provide evidence or put victims of bullying in contact are some of the functions of these apps.

1. Stop! T

Stop! T is the App created by the American Todd Schobel to prevent harassment in the North American classrooms. It is one of the most popular digital tools on the market and is focused, above all, on reporting cases of cyberbullying.

Its operation is simple: interested schools are responsible for paying the App and their students can use it for free. Each of them makes a list of contacts (parents, teachers, bedeles …), to which you can send any evidence you have captured with your phone and that faith of the harassment. You can also send photographs.

2. Andrea 

Andrea is an App created by the digital agency Nectar of Valencia in collaboration with the City Council of this city. It allows the user to report anonymously, whether victim or witness of the harassment.

It also serves to put in contact victims, witnesses and professors of the different centers assigned to the application, with the aim of preventing future cases and favoring a joint fight against these behaviors. All this, of course, preserving the user’s anonymity. Andrea is downloaded for free and is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

3. MyMobileWatchDog

MyMobileWatchDog, Although it is still a tool of parental control, MyMobileWatchDog can be very useful to detect cases of bullying. This App allows parents and guardians to know the messages and call history of minors in their charge, establish limits on the duration of calls and messages sent, access the contact list, locate, block certain web pages and applications, etc.

4. BullySemaphore

BullySemaphore is a original App backed by the Foundation in Motion, is focused, above all, on the awareness of the victim. Through different tests that are proposed, the user becomes aware of whether he is being harassed or not by his colleagues.

“Have you been teased in the playground? Have you been prevented from playing with other classmates?” 

Are some of the questions children are forced to answer. With the answers, a kind of diary will be elaborated, from which BullySamáforo will decide if the harassment should be treated or not. The App is available for Android and iOS.

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