Top 10 Philanthropic Foundations in Nigeria

We have a lot of philanthropic foundations in Nigeria, but the few ones I will be listing here is as a result of their good track record.

Philanthropic organizations have not only helped to reduce and eradicate poverty in the nation, but they have also provided free education to the less privileged, social amenities for societies that are in need of them. Hence the role of this foundation in the development of a nation can’t be overemphasized.

Top 10 Philanthropic Foundations in Nigeria

Philanthropic foundations & NGOs in Nigeria

In this article, I listed the top 10 philanthropic organizations in Nigeria based on their good track record.

1. Tony Elumelu Foundation

The Tony Elumelu’s foundation was founded by the renowned Nigerian Philantropist, economist and entrepreneur, Tony Elumelu in 2010.

The foundation is aimed at supporting and empowering entrepreneurship and business leadership across the countries in Africa.

Since its inauguration in 2010, the foundation has empowered more than 7000 African entrepreneurs across 54 countries in Africa.

2. Aliko Dangote Foundation

The Aliko Dangote’s foundation belongs to the richest Nigerian businessman, Aliko Dangote.

Since its inauguration in 1981, the foundation has been of immense benefit via investment to the health, education, and economy of the country by donating a huge amount of 1 billion naira to Nigerian universities which covers five million naira for the development of a business school in Bayero university, Kano.
and hundred million for the proposed Otuoke University in Bayelsa state.

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In 2010, the foundation also donated 50 million worth of relief materials to the community leaders in Jos, for the alleviation of communities that suffered from the effect of the prolonged ethno-religious crises in Jos.
In 2012, the Aliko Dangote’s foundation came in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation so as to eradicate polio in Africa.

The foundation has done a lot of philanthropic activities in Nigeria particularly in the Norther part of the country.

The Aliko Dangote’s foundation has helped eradicate poverty and has helped reduce the number of lives lost to malnutrition and disease since its inauguration.

3. Rochas Okorocha Foundation

The Rochas Okorocha foundation is a nonprofit organization aimed at providing education for the less privilege children in Nigeria.
The foundation was founded by Nigerian politician and Senator, Rochas Okorocha.

The foundation has since it’s inauguration in 1998 given free education to over 6000 secondary school student in Owerri, Ibadan, Gboko, Jos and Kano states.

The foundation hopes to build a tuition-free university in the nearest future.

4. Jim Ovia Foundation

This foundation belongs to the Renowned Zenith Bank founder, Jim Ovia in 2003.

The foundation was established so as to tap and develop the potentials hidden in the Nigerian youths which serve as keys to the economy growth of the country.

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The Jim Ovia foundation has donated over 100 million naira as scholarships

5. TY Danjuma’s foundation

Ty’s Danjuma Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation that belongs to the former Nigerian defense minister, Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma.
The foundation was established in 2008 and is committed to help improve the quality of life of less privilege Nigerians by providing educational and health support for them.

6. Sir Emeka Offor’s foundation

The Sir Emeka Offor’s foundation is a non-governmental organization established by Nigerian entrepreneur, Sir Emeka Offor in 2006.

The foundation is directed to helping the poor and needy become active and productive members of the society.

The foundation does it’s charity work via the following schemes
Youth empowerment scheme, education scholarship scheme, widows cooperative scheme and much more.

The foundation has donated over 750 million naira to this effect.

7. Oba Otudeko foundation

The Oba Otudeko Foundation was established by renowned Nigerian businessman and chairman of the Honeywell group, Oba OGroupo in 2003.
The foundation is aimed at bringing sustainable development in the technology, education, health and environmental sector of the country by empowering people and building institutions.

Some of the projects carried out by these foundations include an auditorium built by the foundation in Pan Africa University, an administrative block at all saint college in Edun state was also built by the foundation.

8. The Rose of Sharon

The Rose of Sharon was established by the richest woman in Africa, Folorunsho Alakija.

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It is committed to helping the widows and orphans via scholarships and business grants.

9. Mohammed Indimi foundation

The Mohammed Indimi Foundation is a non-profit organization that belongs to the Nigerian business Mogul, Mohammed Indimi.

The foundation is committed to lifting Nigerians particularly those in the northern part of the country out of poverty, illiteracy, and hunger.

In 2016, the foundation gave scholarships to some northern students to study at the International African University of Sudan.

The foundation has also provided immense support to the people affected by the Boko haram crisis by providing them with a 100-unit 600 million housing estate, food, clothing, schools, and clinics.

10. Made in Africa foundation

The made in Africa foundation was founded by Kola Aluko the CEO of Atlantic Energy, an indigenous private oil and gas company in Nigeria.

The made in Africa foundation was established so as to support and fund master plans and feasibility studies for a transformational change in large scale projects across African countries.

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