How much does Website Design cost in Nigeria?

How much does Web design cost in Nigeria?-Understanding how much a website costs is not at all easy: there are thousands of factors that influence the budget offered by a web agency, and summarizing them with millimeter precision is really complex.

Because when you turn to a serious agency, you pay not only the technical phase and the material development, but also and above all the skills that you put in place.

When you decide to request a quote from a web agency, for the creation of your company website, you already know that you will have to prepare yourself to study it and understand if it reflects the real capabilities of those who proposed it to you.

So there are two aspects that you must always consider, when you try to understand how much a website costs: which services includes exactly that figure, and who is asking you for that figure.

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If you have read our article on how to choose a web agency , you will already know that the price range of the budget can be very wide from agency to agency, and the cost of a website is difficult to quantify unless we first do the necessary “presentations” . So what are the possible ways you could go about building websites and spending them? Let’s see them together.

How to Engage a Web Design Company in Nigeria

The super-fast agency that makes sites ready for delivery. In fact, these superheroes of the network entice you with highly competitive prices and with the promise to deliver you the site within 24 hours, turnkey.

Remember, however, that you always get what you pay – especially when you go down – and that a seemingly minimal cost could backfire on your professionalism.

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They, in fact, for 10,000 to 30,000 Naira are limited to installing a CMS and looking for a theme that may seem “cool” and therefore created specifically for you. It’s all a circus, made to bewitch you,  offering you in exchange a site clone and even ugly.

And then, in 24 hours they will never be able to listen to your requests, understand them and make a plan to put them into practice.

How much does a professional website cost?

A professional web agency knows that the “physical” realization of a website is only the last step in a path made of studies, market analysis and customer expectations, and a series of collateral services that require time, skills. and commitment.

Obviously, each of these factors participates in the final cost of a site: do not be surprised if you will be asked for a figure of around 60,000 naira to 300,000 Naira an above depending on the Project requirements, because the aforementioned includes the commitment of different professionals, each expert in their field of action.

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There are, for example, those who deal with graphics, those who create the code of your proprietary CMS, those involved in SEO and those in charge of communication and content writing.

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