What is Catfishing?

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What does it mean if someone is catfishing you?

The irresponsible use of social networks can sometimes lead to very heavy problems. Trusting, or worse, infatuation with someone you only know through a virtual platform is very dangerous, and it is increasingly common to run into cases of this type. One of the most recent forms of cheating through networks is Catfishing.

Catfishing means impersonating another person, usually with an attractive appearance and personality , to gain the trust of someone and, in many cases, obtain something of that person.

The name of catfishing, was popularized as a result of a documentary of the year 2010 in which the love story of a young boy was explained through Facebook. hen, in 2012, MTV broadcasted the Catfish: Lies on the Net program , which explained the truths and lies of online relationships.

What are the effects of catfishing?

What is the goal of these catfishers ? It may be the case that it is a boring person who only wants to kill time, but the normal thing is that his goal is to take advantage of his prey and get risked photographs , total nudes, personal confessions, intimate data, etc. It must be borne in mind that behind these behaviors people with emotional deprivation often hide, sometimes seeking the suffering of others.

Why is it called catfishing?

The ‘catfishers’ seize profiles of others to engage in conversations with their victims, which can then be extorted. The catfishers are use platforms like Tinder and Grindr, which are usually the easiest to hack . initiate a conversation with the hunter.

How do I stop being Catfished?

To avoid been catfished you need to some straighup checks.

1. Do fact check by Google searching their images and name, if there are more persons using or claiming same account then it is very like the account is fake and you’re about to be a victim of catfishing.

2, Do further background checks on the profile, even when they found out you sneek at them, they will not feel offended for you trying to protect yourself

3. Do not divulge too much private and personal details. Try and be as conservative as possible when it comes to personal matters.

4. If you must meet, be sure you have proper and convcing information about them and always meet in public places to keep safe.

What does catfishing mean in dating?

His modus operandi is as follows: hijack a photo of a random attractive person and, around it, create a name and a personality with which to earn their prey. These are usually users of social networks, who upon seeing a match or a like of the counterfeit account.

There are cases in which these false profiles are used for even worse purposes. Recently, California police arrested several young people between 18 and 19 years of age for creating false identities in Tinder to assault and steal vehicles from their victims.

They used the names of women like Becky or Victoria to gain the trust of their prisoners, all men, whom they would later cite on solitary streets, where they were robbed by armed hands and robbed of the car.

How dangerous is catfishing?

The situation is still worse when the usurper opts for a true profile and appropriates the data, photo and name of an existing person who, at times, may have been hacked. This is also a problem for the hacked, who will then have to give explanations about this unusual behavior and show that he is not responsible.

Source: Trendsnation.com.ng

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