What is Nigeria zip code?

If you love reading facts and information about Nigeria, one of the things that you need to know is the Nigerian zip code.

What is Nigeria Zipcode? Here is an open question that needs an answer. Read this article to know! Before giving you the full details of Nigeria Zip code, it is essential for you to understand what a zip code is.

What is Zip Codes?

The Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) codes are a method of postal codes used by the United States Postal service. This system was on board since the early 1960s.

Zipcodes have proven to be useful, especially in the sorting and delivery of mail. It eliminates hitches and quickens the sorting and sending of mailZip Code is in The United States.

Initially, zip codes consisted of five digits, but in the 1980s, the codes were changed and expanded to nine figures. Also, they were written with a hyphen. For instance, a zip code could appear as 10012Zip Code is0010.

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Zipcodes are mostly used in the U.S, but other countries such as Nigeria make use of Postal codes. The Nigerian Postal Service makes the Nigeria zip codes.

What then is Nigeria ZIP code?

The Nigeria zip code is essential, and it may be required for you to fill certain online application forms. A lot of people do not know the Nigerian zip code, and this makes them enter wrong zip codes.

It is important to note here that 234 is not the Nigeria zip code; it is just the international dialing code for all Nigerian phone numbers.

The Zipcode for Nigeria is 00176-0000.

The 36 Nigerian States Zip Code

You can make use of any of these three codes for Nigeria (110001; 23401; 00176). Also, there is another list of the postal codes of all states in Nigeria. Below is a full list of all the ZIP postal codes for the thirty-six states in Nigeria.

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l  Abuja Zip Code is 900001.

l  Abia State Zip Code is 440001.

l  Adamawa State Zip Code is 640001.

l  Akwa Ibom State Zip Code is 520001.

l  Anambra State Zip Code is 420001.

l  Bauchi State Zip Code is 740001.

l  Borno State Zip Code is 600001.

l  Delta State Zip Code is 320001.

l  Edo State Zip Code is 300001.

l  Enugu State Zip Code is 400001.

l  Imo State Zip Code is 460001.

l  Jigawa State Zip Code is 720001.

l  Kano State Zip Code is 700001.

l  Kaduna State Zip Code is 800001.

l  Katsina State Zip Code is 820001.

l  Kebbi State Zip Code is 860001.

l  Kogi State Zip Code is 260001.

l  Kwara State Zip Code is 240001.

l  Lagos (Island) Zip Code is 101001.

l  Lagos State (Mainland) Zip Code is 100001.

l  Niger State Zip Code is 920001.

l  Ogun State Zip Code is 110001.

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l  Ondo State Zip Code is 340001.

l  Osun State Zip Code is 230001.

l  Oyo State Zip Code is 200001.

l  Plateau State Zip Code is 930001.

l  Rivers State Zip Code is 500001.

l  Sokoto State Zip Code is 840001.

l  Taraba State Zip Code is 660001.

l  Yobe State Zip Code is 320001.

l  Ebonyi State Zip Code is 840001


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