What is the Difference between Praise and Worship?

What is the Difference between Praise and Worship

In a layman context, many people assume Praise to be funky pop music that people can dance to while praising God, but other songs that are sang in slow and solemn mode of worship are considered to be Worship songs, but there is just more to Praise and Worship that this simple analogy, on this page we shall try out best to differentiate between Praise and Worship.

We can note that Praise is Part of Worship and an item of true Worship can be Praise.

What is Praise?

In praise, we declare God’s greatness and mightiness to our families, congratulations, nation and the world at large.  Praise is thanking God for all he’s done and the art of declaring who he is. We exemplify him in words of praises.

What is Worship?

When God speaks to us and reveals to us as he has promised to show us great and mighty things that we ordinarily wouldn’t have known then there’s worship. In worship, there’s a revelation of God’s presence, worship moments are almost at the climax of any visionary church, they are moments we crave for when we fellowship in any church setting. In worship, God speaks to us.

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Worship is more than a monologue when we worship, we give God a moment, it goes conversational and he wants to also speak to us about his plans for us. Worship is a place where lives are really changed and destiny is rewritten. Isaiah chapter 6 epitomizes worship. Things went conversational in verse 8 when God spoke to Isaiah about looking for a man to send on his mission we saw how Isaiah wholely submitted to the Lord and yielded himself to his assignments.

In worship the less we do the better it becomes simply because it’s a moment we crave and desire to hear from God. It’s a time we see the almighty God lifted high and his Glory filled the temple.

Some differences between Praise and Worship

Praise Worship
Thanks giving and Praise are both art of worshipWorship is the art of fellowshipping with God in Spirit and Truth
In Praises we:

  1. Eulogises
  2. Magnifies

We do these by using a combination of some words and phrases that magnifies who he is

In the moment of worship, 2 or more things happen:

1. He first cleans us
2. He then sends us (who will go for us, God asked Isaiah ànd he made himself available by responding here am I send me)

In praise, we talk about his MysteryThe worship time is more of a consecrating time, a time we’re assigned.
Worship is telling what God isWorship is more of realizing who God is and his worthiness
Praise is MONOLOGUEWorship is DIALOGUE
In Prasie we seek to TOUCH GODIn Worship, GOD TOUCHES US
We declare who he (God) is in praiseIn worship, we submit to him to reveal himself as worthiness.
Both believers and unbelievers can praise God even the things that have breadth, animals, and plants.But only the truthful and the spirit-filled can worship the almighty and it can only be done in truth.
When we praise we send up a sweet savour to GodIn worship, he descends and reigns in our midst
Praise comes from experience.Worship comes from the heart.


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