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Who invented skittles?

Who invented skittles? – Talking about the one of the best and most popular brands of fruit-flavoured candy in the world with more than 250 million in production daily.

They are manufactured and marketed by William Wrigley Jr. Company, a division of Mars, Inc.

Skittles are usually made in several flavours and colours like the rainbow.

The company has one of the largest social media fans with more than 25 million fans following the brand on Facebook.

For those who are eager to know; who invented skittles.

The first commercial skittles were produced by an English company in Britain and was introduced to North America as an imported confectionery in 1979, and 1982 Skittles were domestically produced in the united States and spread across other parts of Europe.

Who invented Skittles? Why this is not so straightforward an answer, a simple internet search on this would lead you to Paul Michaels and Rick Walden who currently works at Mars.

The first being the current Global CEO of Mars, Inc, and Rick Walden a worker in the same company. But if the company was first commercialised in 1974, then far from it that Skittles was invented by them. Even Mars Inc.

Started producing this rainbow favoured candies in 1979 when it was being imported from the UK into the US, that makes it clear that the company does not have a US origin.

Another source also claimed that skittles were invented by “a tiney little skittle man that actually came here from Jupitar.” though that sounds humorous and appealing.

Going by the most factual details from Mars North America, which states that

“SKITTLES® Bite Size Candies were first introduced in the United States in 1974, made by a company in England. In 1982, production of SKITTLES® Bite Size Candies began in the United States.”