Who Invented the Bike? Interesting fact

The history of the creation of bike still causes controversy and controversy among researchers. This invention was attributed to different eras, and its creator was called representatives of different countries of the world.

However, most historians agree that the bicycle was invented by German professor Carl von Drez.

bike invention

When were the first mentions of cycling?

According to the International Cycling Foundation (IBF), the first mention of a device resembling a bicycle date back to 1418. Then the Italian engineer Giovanni Fontana designed the man-driven device consisting of four wheels, a rope loop and gears. But the invention of the Italian did not become popular.

It was not until about 400 years later that a similar vehicle gained worldwide recognition.

Carl von Drez was born on April 29, 1785, in Karlsruhe, the son of an official. He studied agriculture, architecture and physics. In 1813, von Drez began working on the first version of the scooter, which he called the “Laufmaschine”. Initially, it was a four-wheeled structure, which was operated by a man.

The reason for the development of the race machine was the lack of horses. This problem was preceded by a global drop in temperatures, which led to poor harvests and, as a result, the death of many horses from starvation.

Von Dres Invention

In 1817, von Drez presented his modified invention, which now consisted of two wheels, a wooden frame, the steering wheel and a leather saddle. The weight of the vehicle was 23 kilograms.

In order to set it in motion, the driver had to push off the ground with his feet. A modern man would call this car not a bicycle, but a runner because it had no pedals.

In 1818, von Drez patented his invention and then decided to show it elsewhere in the world. The car for running liked the British and French, who called it a rubber after the inventor.

In England, the new mode of transport was positioned as a way of entertainment for aristocrats. However, a few years later, such bicycles were forbidden to ride on the sidewalks, as it was considered unsafe for pedestrians.

The bicycle is not von Dres’s only invention. He is also the author of a typewriter and a meat grinder.

When was the prototype of a modern bicycle created?

For several decades various inventors perfected von Dres’s bike. Thus, in the early 1860s, a wooden bicycle with two steel wheels and pedals was introduced.

Since this invention still did not have brakes, it gained the glory of an unsafe vehicle. Opinions about who was the first creator of such a model are still divided.

However, the first patent for this bicycle was obtained in the United States by Frenchman Pierre Lallement in 1866.

The first bike, which looked like modern analogues, was the “Rover”. It was created by Englishman John Kemp Starley in 1884. The bike’s production began a year later.

The invention had a chain gear on the rear wheel and the same size wheels, as well as the driver’s saddle between them. This design was very different from its predecessors, which allowed it to gain worldwide fame and fame as a “safe” model.

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