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Who owns Klass Clothing?

Who Owns Klass Clothing In The Uk

Klass clothing is a retail clothing store in the UK, Klass they stock a beautiful range of gorgeous and elegant yet cost-effective ladies fashion effects for ages 10 to 22.

Klass History

Klass was established in 1985 and has expanded to more than 150 outlets plus independent stores and concessions throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Who owns Klass?

For those asking Who owns Klass, Klass is a proudly run family business, The company has an effective in house R&D team that research trendy designs and keep to making sophisticated and seasonal trends for their different class of customers.

Each clothing packs quality fiber and high-quality standards are adhered to in the making.

On f the things the company pride itself in is ensuring every one of their customers receive first-class customer service and have a memorable shopping experience when they shop with Klass online or in-store.