How to Get the New E-Yellow Fever Card in Nigeria

Yellow fever is a viral infection found in subtropical and tropical African and South American countries. This virus is spread by a particular breed of mosquitoes and reported cases of this infection are extremely low.

Travelers from affected countries are mandated to take tests and Vaccination before visiting most countries worldwide. So, getting yellow fever-free certification is very important, especially for Nigerians.

new Yellow Fever Card in Nigeria

Nigeria Yellow Fever Card

In compliance with the World Health Organization’s 2005 recommendation that all intending travelers need to take the vaccination before leaving their countries.

This is to avoid the Yellow fever virus from entering other countries. The Nigerian Government has been issuing Yellow fever cards (Yellow Card) to all its travelers who have been vaccinated and also tested negative of the virus.

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The Yellow fever card was stopped in 2019 after a high rate of fake Yellow fever cards were reported to be peddled around various Nigerian airports.

The new Yellow fever e-card was introduced in 2019, and full implementation began on July 1st, 2019, this e-card was introduced to stop fake cards from being passed around.

The yellow fever card has some high-tech features that make it easier to differentiate the original Yellow fever card to fake ones. With the new e-card, it will be easier to track the vaccination record of every traveler and also remind them when it is due for Vaccination (every nine months).

Who should have the Nigerian Yellow Fever card?

The e-yellow card is for all Nigerians or people staying in Nigeria planning to leave the country.

Foreigners who are traveling to another country but will stop in Nigeria or other Yellow fever affected countries for more than 12-hours are expected to get Yellow fever certification because the virus could be contacted within that time frame.

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How to Get the Yellow Fever E-Card

The Yellow fever e-card is not a software or a digital card, and it is a paper-like card but electronic (like a credit card). The Ministry of Health can only issue this e-card, and applicants can apply for one online.

  1. Visit the Yellow fever e-card application portal on
  2. Click on the “Yellow card application” button and fill the provided form with your details.
  3. Use the submit button, and you will be redirected to the payment page.
  4. To generate a Remita Retrieval Receipt (RRR) code, click on the Payment button, and the RRR code will be created; your card processing fee is N2000, which can be paid online or at any approved bank.
  5. Once payment has been completed, make sure you have a copy of your payment receipt and your international passport, then head to any Nigerian Port Health Services Office close to you (they are over 200 approved health centers spread across 19 states in Nigeria).
  6. The card would be issued to you immediately your Yellow fever vaccination is completed.
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Travelers who have been vaccinated within 9months are not expected to be vaccinated again, they are to only make payment and the new Yellow fever e-card would be given to them at the Nigerian Port Health Services Office.

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