YouTube to hide Subscriber counts

Every Youtuber are conscious of their subscriber counts, they perceived it as a reward for their activity and can obtain special advantages and functions when using Youtube  and even monetize its videos.

However, the platform has announced changes in the way of viewing this information in real time.

The rise or fall in real time of the number of subscribers has led to cases of online bullying among creators

However, there will still be an estimated count shown rather than the main total of subscriber, Instead of knowing the exact number of subscribers (for example 20, 000, 000) users can only see an approximated number , something like 20 million instead.

This decision will deal a massive blow to  web analytics portals such as Social Blade, which continuously show the profit or loss of subscribers of the creators.

As reports have it, YouTube product team disclosed the reason for the change is to

create more consistency everywhere,” as the number of subscribers “is extremely important for creators.” 

This display function is already available in other channels. 

Although for ordinary mortals the exact number of subscribers on YouTube is irrelevant, for a creator it is a way of showing who wins or loses popularity when a drama occurs. In fact, pages like Social Blade have been using screenshots with the ups and downs of Youtubers subscribers such as Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star and Fortnite Turner player “Tfue” Tenney to question them. 

The importance of the number of subscribers has also been seen in the fight between the creators James Charles and Tati Westbrook, which was followed worldwide, mainly focused on how many followers lost and each won. Charles and Westbrook even sat down to talk about it in Google Spaces, the second explained in a video. It has not been the only conflict derived from this war of followers: there have been cases of online bullying to creators who lost subscribers.

As confirmed by a Youtube spokesperson, those pages that are nurtured by their API services, which offer statistics and visualization data, will be affected by these changes. Recently, Social Blade, has taken to Twitter to announce that  “YouTube changes could affect our data visualization.”

We had earlier reported that Instagram says no security breach suffered and influencers’ data secured.

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